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I was dreading today. It’s not like I haven’t dreaded a thousand before, but just because you’ve been though hell already it doesn’t make it any easier to be transported there again. How the hell did I end up here again God dammit! But remember he only gives you what he built you to handle. Fuck off, it still hurts. 

I will not be downed- I refuse to go under and- will see you screaming. Maybe if someone would have screamed at me, opened my eyes to my thoughtless scheming I would not be here writing this today. 

So as I sit here, alone, trying not to drown myself- I thumb through the pages of my fantasies. You made me feel alive, you pushed me to do better when no one else could and I don’t even think you were trying, I wanted to be better for you, you made me love myself again, gave me hope when I was at the bottom looking up at you; where did you go? You’ve been gone for way longer than just the past 6 days. You’ve been gone in your head for years and I stood by as you you did me. 

Then you betrayed me, and betrayed me, AND BETRAYED ME. I gave you everything and believed your poison narcaccistic lies again, again, again, over and over. I dedicate this song to you. My hate will not be bound, I will see you mother fucking screaming. 

Welcome to my dark side

Unfortunately I do not have cookies. I actually have this prepetutal feeling I’m on the verge of exiling the pit of my stomach. 

Hi my name is Tallahasee and I’m a tragedy addict. I’m not even really sure myelf what that means, but I feel as we continue down this road together that may make more sense soon. 

Also for all legality purposes the names of the individuals involved in this tragic love story have been changed to protect their identity. 

I should also be sure to add a parental advisory warning. I like to use a variety of colorful words to describe my dark reality so this blog is for mature audiences only, this is your courtesy warning.

I own no rights to any of the music reviewed in this blog. Please make sure to support your local music scene. Only you can prevent shitty music.